1. Letter from parents:

Five years ago my wife, Jenni, gave birth to a beautiful little boy we named Iasius (meaning great shaman healer!). However, it was very clear when he was born that he wasn't so sure that he wanted to be here(perhaps that was the autism showing itself or some past life effect). When Iasius was 1 1/2 he was diagnosed on the autistic spectrum. So until he was 3 years he was able to receive ABA therapy at home. It was at this point that I took the torch from Jenni and became 100% involved in his healing as he was not eating, totally not engaging, and running in circles while flapping his hands. The only program in my area was an institution type environment with kids with all sorts of disorders where they told us we could get the most professional help. They told us Iasius would have to spend 5 hours/day on a bus for a drive that was only 30 minutes away. Upon entering this place I saw mentally retarded, emotionally disturbed kids, and paralyzed kids all in this energetically very bad environment. After spending 5 minutes in that place I was determined not to send him there and to make the school district create a program especially for Iasius with normal kids. Using the Head Start program as a base and Jenni's threats to use advocates downstate the ISD created a special program for Iasius incorporating Speech & OT Therapist at the school (where the Head Start was based) as well as from the ISD itself. In September of 2006 Iasius started in the Head Start program with a special aide to assist him and was now surrounded by very bright loving normal little kids. Having an autistic child in a Head Start program was difficult and (need I say) most challenging to the staff and young teacher who was just out of college. By Spring of 2007 Iasius was becoming more engaged but still not talking and still in diapers as he turned 4 years old. He had never had a normal poop and what came out was mostly watery something or another. Since early on he would never eat very much so we had to create some kind of formulation that would provide him with nutrition. We would mix infant formula with YO Baby yogurt as well as mix the infant formula into bottles of soy milk. It was a good day if we could get oatmeal into him in the morning followed by a couple yogurts/infant formula and graham crackers. Then in the Spring of 2007 I came across the AutismOne website and their conference in Chicago in May. Ed Arranga, the coordinator who was so gracious and recognized our difficult situation provided us with complimentary registration for the conference. Ed mentioned that many people bring their kids to the conference and I decided that my chances of finding help would be best advertised by having Iasius in tow. What I didn't realize is that he didn't mean they bring their kids to the lectures and workshops. As we had very little funds both Iasius and I slept in our van in the employee parking lot of the hotel and managed to go unnoticed till almost the very last day. At the conference I had Iasius in a stroller with bags of food and toys to keep him occupied while I stood in the back of the conference rooms frantically taking notes and intently listening to all the biomedical studies that pointed to problems in the gut and immune system. Everything started clicking very fast in my brain as I tried to keep Iasius occupied so he wouldn't disturb those professionals and parents sitting in front of us. I was surely taken by all this research while all this new information was surging through my engineering/holistic based cerebral processor. Many of these autistic researchers, having autistic kids themselves, were beyond normal professional dedication and were very inspiring. I rushed back and forth between simultaneous lectures going on so as not to miss crucial information that would help Iasius. With my extensive professional background in biomedical engineering, alternative medicine, and shamanic healing I was looking through engineering and holistic goggles for an approach to all this and found it immediately when I walked into Dr. Qiying Jiang's lecture. She was performing acupressure on a little child there on stage and my connection to her was immediate. I wasn't sure what she had exactly to offer Iasius but with my very honed shamanic sense of things I knew I must approach her and ask her to examine Iasius. Out of all the lecturers she was the only one who stood out in my vision of things that would target directly Iasius's healing. So after the lecture I approached her and she met with us in an empty room across the hall. I told her of Iasius's diet of infant formula and graham crackers and his trouble with eating and she said that all his energy is being directed out of his body and very little going inside for digestion. She asked me if I could come to her office the next day and that she could see him and give me supplements and teach me pediatric massage to help him. The following day in her office she showed me acupressure techniques to re-direct his energy inward towards digestion which she instructed me to do daily (I never missed one day). Also, she evaluated Iasius’s health history and offered him supplement to take. Now what I am about to say may seem unbelievable and miraculous to say the least but it can be all verified by calling and speaking with Iasius's teacher at the Head Start Program in Rapid River, Michigan(her letter is attached below). At any rate within weeks Iasius started eating all kinds of foods and within a month he was out of diapers(completely!). His concentration went up during the summer and he stopped the running all around and seemed a lot calmer and focused.

By the Fall the teacher and staff at the Head Start program couldn't believe this was the same kid. Since the conference was in the middle of May and school ended at the end of May they were never able to appreciate the changes Iasius had made over the summer. Even though we were able to establish an integrated program there at Head Start Iasius only received two 20 minute sessions per week of speech therapy so we had to develop our own strategies which started with doing puzzles to develop his focus which after some forty 60-100 piece puzzles his brain really got a jump start.

 Later, We also consulted with autistic pediatric specialist in Arizona who recommended gluten/casein free diet and adding L-carnitine and Zinc. The diet killed all the gains we had made with Iasius eating well.  Also, the supplements turned his skin yellow. After little support and almost no concern from this doctor in Arizona we immediately called Dr. Qi and told her that Iasius has stopped eating and was rapidly going downhill. She said that each child is different and that we should try adding some grains back into his diet. That month we were planning a trip to the Chicago area so we scheduled an appointment with her. On seeing Iasius she was amazed with his progress and gave us a Chinese herbal formular to jump start his eating again. My ability to shamanically see her healing abilities there in that lecture hall last May proved itself once again! Within a week of starting the remedy Iasius was once again eating. We only used the remedy to jump start his eating and haven't used it since. Even though we stay away from milk (including soy milk) Iasius eats everything that is nutritious and typically stays away from everything that is not. Today Iasius eats even salad including broccoli and cauliflower. He loves to say "broccoli" and his new word "cauliflower" when he grabs a piece out of my salad bowl.
 Also, the farting and gas that was pretty constant with him stopped completely. My wife, Jenni, says that after beginning all the supplements Iasius started to become aware of his body more which is probably why he was able to potty train within a month. Since his body is now functioning correctly he is not distracted by his illness and feeling bad. He is completely engaging now and his vocabulary has increased tremendously and has hundreds and hundreds of words at his disposal and can repeat any word you present to him. The last link though that is still missing is putting them all together in fluid conversation. He is more than ready for kindergarten this Fall and on all levels (other than conversation) and is way more advanced than most of his peers.

At the AutismOne conference 2008, that I plan to attend this next week, I hope I can find the final link to help Iasius build his ability to converse fluently. Dr. Qi suggested in our last conversation of trying acupuncture and cupping which she used successfully to help other older children with autism. From a Naturopathic point of view, Dr. Qi's words resonate as she believes the body has the ability to digest everything if it is working properly and the goal is the get the body to work like it should which is not always the allopathic perspective of controlling processes. I think trying to regulate mechanisms with drugs and remove toxins by chelation probably does more damage than good. We must find a way using whatever holistic approach to bring the body and spirit back to a healthy state of being. From a year ago Iasius is completely a new kid and is truly on his way to recovery. I have attached below a letter from Iasius's Head Start teacher describing his progress this past year.
I truly believed Qiying Chinese Healing Way is the best approach to help autistic all over the world.


Daniel Lupinski
May 15, 2008


2. Letter from Rapid River Head Start Teacher:
        It has been my pleasure to work with Iasius Lupinski since the Fall of 2006.  He has made remarkable strides in his progress.  When he entered our program he was three years old and not potty trained at the time.  Iasius relied on others to help him with each daily routine and needed to be watched to ensure he would not run away from us.  Iasius was not interested in most foods and would often scream when we tried to coax him to try something.
        Now it is the Spring of 2008 and Iasius is five years old, using the bathroom totally on his own.  He is making choices and using words to ask for help and even using full sentences at the lunch and snack table.  Iasius calmly participates in our daily routine and only needs his aide to give him support when needed.  He also repeats words and sentences when asked or prompted.  Iasius is able to identify several objects through vocab cards and he is able to spell the words.  He often walks around the classroom spelling "cat, dad, mom".  Iasius is also recognizing letters and numbers and he is giving me the correct answer when it is placed in front of him.  He is wonderful at drawing pictures and will complete an art project to make it look exactly like the model he is shown.  It would be impossible to describe all the progress and growing Iasius has done over the past two years.  We look forward to everything he will be doing in Kindergarten and every year after.  We all wish Iasius all the Best!!!
Amanda Spreitzer
Rapid River Head Start Teacher


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