I try to teach a lifetime of well being and maintenance of the immune system by balancing the True Qi and the evil qi. This is a lifelong battle that requires constant attention to one self and the issues faced every day.


The first time people come in they are very anxious so treatment is cautious; as they come in on a more frequent basis, they relax and train their bodies to respond in a more positive way to the treatments provided.


The addition of daily meditation before sleep and relaxation therapies help to decrease stress on a daily basis to prevent illness and chronic health problems.


I work to boost the natural immune system.


I feel very lucky to enjoy my work; it's interesting and I love what I do. I feel fortunate to make a living improving the lives of others through my therapies and treatments. The patients provide constant feedback and a sense of pride in Chinese medicine

From our Patients

From Pam Rose

Acupuncturists have been an integral part of my team of health practitioners for twenty-five years. Following a severe spinal injury twenty-seven years ago...

March 25, 2014



I've shared an item with you.

Acupuncture with Qiying Jiang has brought me much relief and has greatly impacted my journey to healing and recovery for a better life.  As a patient...

March 20, 2014



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