Who is your an ideal client?


An ideal client is an individual who is concerned with care and will commit to the treatments as proposed and is open to exploring the benefits of Eastern medicine in con junction with their western disciplines. We try to utilize the practices of both to promote a healthy lifestyle.


What makes you different/good at what you do?


I think it’s two things: (1) I am the third generation practicing Chinese medicine and my aging mother is still free of pain, emotionally sound and a content individual. I have grown up with there treatments and philosophies and I feel that it’s an innate part of my treatment. There are not merely “learned” techniques, they are instinctual. (2) I understand people besides their physical issues; I understand the psychological and emotional issues as well and am able to listen to both the traditional and nontraditional symptoms being experienced by a patient. I lived Chinese way of life which includes being naturally healthy I wish all Americans can benefit from the eastern culture and life style.


Waht is your healing philosophy?


I try to teach a lifetime of well being and maintenance of the immune system by balancing the True Qi and the evil qi. This is a lifelong battle that requires constant attention to one self and the issues faced every day.


Can you describe your style or approach?


The first time people come in they are very anxious so treatment is cautious; as they come in on a more frequent basis, they relax and train their bodies to respond in a more positive way to the treatments provided. The addition of daily meditation before sleep and relaxation therapies help to decrease stress on a daily basis to prevent illness and chronic healthy problems. I work to boost the natural immune system.


Why do you do all of these services?


I feel very lucky to enjoy my work; it’s interesting and I love what I do. I feel fortunate to make a living improving the lives of others through my therapies and treatments. The patients provide constant feedback and a sense of pride in Chinese medicine.


What is a typical session?


First session I take a complete history, including family lifestyle, assess a Chinese medical diagnosis and then recommend a diet change, lifestyle adjustment and do an acupuncture treatment, many times combined with cupping and herbal therapies.


How long is a typical session?


First session requires approximately 80 minutes. After the initial visit, sessions are 45 minutes long.


Can you describe your office or treatment room?


My office is a very harmonious environment with a balance of the Qi flow throughout. It’s also a wonderful and easily accessible location with free parking.


What else might someone want to know about you?


I have two beautiful boys. I got acupuncture treatment from my doctor friends for my morning sickness and sciatica during my pregnancy. My mom gave me acupuncture treatment before my delivery. It took only half hour from the time when I arrived the hospital to the completion of the labor. Both my boys have always used Chinese medicine to cure their cold, fever, flu, bronchitis and ear infection. I really enjoy watching their growing up happy and healthy.


Let me relieve your pain, your stress, your discontent. I am in a stress free location and I will help you achieve your health goals, whether to overcome infertility or to rid yourself of migraines or other chronic issues. Be healthy and happy both inside and out.

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