Obesity has become the number one cause of death in North America. 65% of Americans today are overweight, out of the group 31% are considered obese. 15% of children and adolescents are overweight and these numbers are steadily increasing. There are 300,000 deaths in U.S every year attributed to unhealthy eating habits and minimal physical activity.

What cases obese? Obesity is a chronic condition resulting from an imbalance between the calories you take in and the energy you “burn” through physical activity over a long period of time. Several lifestyle factors contribute to unhealthy weight gain: A imbalance lifestyle, Physical activity and exercise, Poor eating habits, Excessive portion size, High fat, sugar and calorie intake, Lack of fruits, vegetables and other fiber and nutrient-rich foods.

To lose weight, first and foremost – take control of your lifestyle

-Make a commitment

-Eat a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grain

-Limit your intake of fat, sugar and high calorie foods

-Exercise regularly

-Keep up and get moving-increase the steps in your life

In Chinese Medicine: Obesity is differentiated by excess stomach fire. Excess stomach fire causes excess appetite, intake of toxic food and generates damp heat in the digestive system. Damp-heat is characterized by excess fat remaining in the digestive system rather than being eliminated as it should on a daily basis. The use of acupuncture, ear seeds and herbal remedies can suppress the excess appetite, increase the body metabolism and clear the damp-heat accumulation.

Supplements and Chinese Herbal Formula

1. Jiang-dan-gu-chun Wan

2. Jiang-zhi-jian-fei Wan

3. Shen-ling-bai-zhu wan

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