Sinus headache is pain behind the forehead, cheeks and around the eyes. Other symptoms include a stuffy nose, feeling tired, swollen lymph nodes and a green or yellow discharge from your nose. In Chinese Medicine, it’s caused by toxin and lack of adequate nutrition. The accumulation of toxin and lack of nutrition are due to the deficiency of spleen and stomach. The toxins come into the forms of phlegm and dampness in lungs and noses. Treatment includes acupuncture and herbal supplements.

Supplements and Chinese Herbal Formula

1. Te-xiao-bi-min-gan Wan

2. Qu-shi-ping-wei Wan

3. Xlear sinus spray

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Acupuncturists have been an integral part of my team of health practitioners for twenty-five years. Following a severe spinal injury twenty-seven years ago...

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Acupuncture with Qiying Jiang has brought me much relief and has greatly impacted my journey to healing and recovery for a better life.  As a patient...

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