Your skin functions to protect your body from outside elements. It is composed of two basic layers, the epidermis and dermis. The epidermis is the outer layer and is the first defense against outside factors for example chemicals, UV radiation and invading microorganisms. The dermis is the second layer, where collagen and other connective tissue molecules are produced. Specialized cells called “fibroblasts” play an integral part in skin rejuvenation and tissue regeneration. They work to produce collagen and proteins, which provide fullness and strength to the skin, help heal wounds by repairing damaged tissue and assist in forming new tissue. As you age, these fibroblasts begin to produce less collagen and other types of protein. Consequently, the skin begins to wrinkle, sag and crease.

Free radicals attack collagen, the substances that keep our skin moist, smooth flexible and elastic. These vital tissues fray and break under the assaults of free radicals, a process particularly noticeable in the face, where folds of skin and deep-cut wrinkles are testaments to the long term effect of free-radical attacks.

In Chinese Medicine, skin condition reflects the conditions of your inner organs. Balanced and healthy organs result the harmony within our bodies. They affect our metabolism, secretion of hormone and utilization of nutrition; which are essential to healthy skins. For example, a person’s skin appears yellow if he or she has weak spleen. A person with weak kidney will get eye bags and a person with stressed liver will get blood shot eyes and spots on his/her face. Skin is the window, shows signs of our inner condition. In order to have healthy and beautiful skin, it’s necessary to first clean our bodies from within. OPC3, Aloe Juice can do just that, it detoxify us thoroughly and help us look younger and healthier. Treatment includes acupuncture and herbal supplements.

Supplements and Chinese Herbal Formula:

1. Xiao-yao Wan

2. Jia-wei-xiao-yao Wan

3. Gui-pi Wan

4. Ba-zhen Wan

5. Liu-wei-di-huang Wan

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