I provide an escape from a lifestyle that does not promote internal peace and wellness. I strive to achieve a relief from the stress of daily life and eliminate chronic pain and tensions. People with chronic pain for 20 some years had relief within a few times of acupuncture treatment. People in disability can enjoy their life again.


I treated a woman who went through five in-vitro procedures without results finally had a healthy baby helped by my acupuncture treatment. A teenage with sports back injury on bed resting for 6 months was able to gain back normal life after the acupuncture treatment. I am so moved when my patients tell me how much they appreciated my healing work.


One of my primary concerns is for the treatment of pain; pain, both chronic and injury related; pain suffered by people from the ages of 9-99; stemming from allergies, back and spinal issues, migraines to gynecological problems, infertility, ease of labor, etc.


I care about all people but I have a special interest in dealing with the issues of women and children. I strive to teach American women how to take care of themselves and their bodies so that they may effectively transition into old age with better quality of life.


I practice traditional Chinese acupuncture,cupping, Guasha and utilize Chinese herbs to balance the internal chemistry of one's body to promote overall well being.


Acupuncture is based on the meridian systems. The pathway of the energy flow, Qi, is called the meridian. There are twelve major meridians that connect to twelve major organs. Keeping the Qi flowing smoothly is like having a healthy plumbing system in the house. If the Qi flow is out of balance, the pain and illness will occur. By inserting acupuncture needles to certain points to stimulate the Qi flow, it will result in a pain relief and healed illnesses. Mental and physical problems are all addressed on multiple levels as I examine the underlying causes of a malady.


Cupping is a therapy that uses a jar attached to the skin surface by negative pressure. This promotes the free flow of qi and blood in the meridians to cease pain in low back, shoulder, leg and neck. It also helps to rid cough, asthma and common cold.


In Chinese, Guasha means Gua "to rub or scrape", sha is red, pebbly rash that surfaces afterward, signifying that cellular debris, or "stagnant blood", as the Chinese call it, is being expelled through the skin.


To expand the practice through education by lecturing, giving seminars and teaching people to help themselves through alternative techniques.

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From Pam Rose

Acupuncturists have been an integral part of my team of health practitioners for twenty-five years. Following a severe spinal injury twenty-seven years ago...

March 25, 2014



I've shared an item with you.

Acupuncture with Qiying Jiang has brought me much relief and has greatly impacted my journey to healing and recovery for a better life.  As a patient...

March 20, 2014



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